Referrals are the easiest way to generate business.

It costs you nothing, but you do have to make sure you do a good job in the first place

We support economic growth and education, our Chamber shall serve as a business resource, a forum and bridge of integration to the entire community.

We are focused on implementing all of our skills with great passion so that Hispanic business owners get better tools to further strengthen their networks.

Our chamber of Commerce is an effective, low-cost marketing system for developing sales opportunities and  increasing your contacts  based on referrals and interactions at our meetings and social gatherings.

Our mission is to educate, promote and encourage the interaction of all Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses in the Greater Stamford area and to serve as an active and visible advocate for Hispanic business, professionals and/or merchants. The Greater Stamford Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce, Inc. is an action agency designed to meet the socioeconomic needs of the Hispanic and non-Hispanic business community. It is a non-profit organization where business professionals band together as members to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interest of the community. It serves to enhance the visibility of Hispanic businesses and business professionals throughout the State. It also promotes communication, shares information and resources among our members and the community. The resources of G.S.H.C.C. are endless. Becoming a member of this grassroots organization you will tremendously enrich your own business and meet the needs of our community as well.